Objectives encompass a range of goals aimed at transforming the field of supercapacitors:

  1. Scalable fabrication of graphene-containing bio-based carbon materials for effective electrodes.
  2. Fabricate graphene-enhanced electrodes for micro-flexible and structural supercapacitors.
  3. Develop a scalable atomic layer coating process.
  4. Develop aqueous hybrid electrolyte systems for prototype supercapacitors.
  5. Manufacturing of flexible and structural supercapacitor devices with enhanced energy density.
  6. Early guidance sustainable-by-design framework and life cycle sustainability assessment.

The project partners will achieve these goals by a combination of factors, working in a coordinated fashion: process modification to enable the production of high-graphene-content porous carbon for printed flexible energy storage, conformal graphene coating onto carbon fibres for structural supercapacitors, decoration of both types of electrodes with ultra-thin conformal ALD coating of MnO2 and Fe2O3 for increased stability and voltage window, and development of novel, environmentally-friendly electrolytes.

The energy storage devices enabled by this work will be integrated into two use-case demonstrators to show the viability of the concept: a wireless sensor device powered by a printed flexible supercapacitor and a drone powered by structural supercapacitors, which are simultaneously structural parts of the drone.